Samsung Ativ S I8750 – USB Drivers

Are you struggling to connect your Samsung Ativ S I8750 to your computer because it is not getting detected? Or do you want to fix your bricked Samsung Ativ S I8750 by flashing custom stock ROM?

Then you’re at the right place; here, we have shared Samsung Ativ S I8750 USB Drivers. Download and install the latest USB Drivers to fix all issues.

You need USB Drivers for simple tasks such as Transferring Photos, Videos, Files, and all kinds of other stuff as well.

Samsung Ativ S I8750 was released on 2012, December with Microsoft Windows Phone 8, up to 8.1.1. It sports a 4.8" screen with a resolution of 720x1280 pixels, and 16GB/32GB storage, microSDHC, 1GB RAM paired with Snapdragon S4 Plus, and a 2300mAh Li-Ion Battery.

Samsung Ativ S I8750 USB Drivers Download

There are different types of USB Drivers for every phone, and each serves another purpose. Read the information below drivers to find the correct one for your device.

OEM Drivers[Official] - For General Connecting & Flashing Stock Rom and More

This Driver is used to for Data Transfer from Phone to Computer, and by developers development tests.

Driver Name:Samsung OEM USB Drivers
Driver Size:35.1 MB
Installation Guide:Follow these Instructions
The driver didn’t work? Follow the Troubleshooting Guide.

How to Install Samsung Ativ S I8750 USB Drivers

Installing Samsung OEM USB Drivers

Installing OEM(Official) USB Drivers is relatively easy as it comes with an Installer. Most people would not need assistance; however, you can follow the steps below if you want to install Samsung USB Drivers for Ativ S I8750.

  1. Download the driver from the link above.
  2. Locate the downloaded file and run the installer.
  3. Installation Window will pop up on your screen; choose “Next.” Samsung Ativ S I8750 USB Drivers Installtion - Click on Next Button
  4. Your region and language would be automatically selected; if it’s wrong, choose the correct one and click on the “Next” button. If selected region is wrong, choose the correct one and then click on the “Next” button
  5. Select the Installation Directory and then click the “Install” button. Wait for a few minutes for the installer to complete and then restart your computer. Done. Choose Installation folder for Samsung USB Driver Samsung Ativ S I8750 USB Driver will take a few minutes to get installed. USB Driver for your Samsung Phone is now completed.

Troubleshooting Samsung Ativ S I8750 not detected by the computer

Here are the common fixes to try-

  1. Faulty USB Port - The USB Port might not be working; if you are on a desktop, try a USB Port from the back of your CPU.
  2. Faulty USB Cable - Try a different Cable.
  3. USB Port Jammed - Your Phone’s USB Port might be jammed, and therefore the cable is not able to make contact with your smartphone. Clean the port with a toothpick and try again.
If you tried all the above methods, the USB Port might be dead. Get it changed from an Authorized Service Center.

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